How it Started

In January,2009 , Sanga Moses our founder travelled from Kampala, the capital city of his native country, Uganda where he worked as an accountant in a top bank to go and visit his mother in his home village in Western Uganda. On his way home, he met his 12 year old sister carrying a huge bundle of firewood on her head.

EEEShe had missed school that day and walked for 10 kilometers to gather firewood for his family. When his sister saw him, she started crying and told him that she was tired of missing school to gather wood. This troubled Sanga so much because he was paying school fees for his sister and wanted her to get an education.

Sanga immediately decided to quit his secure job with just $500 in savings to totally focus on finding a solution to overdependence on fuel-wood in Uganda. Everyone thought he was crazy! He spent a full year researching possible solutions until he realized that he could turn agricultural waste which is abundant and just wasted in Uganda into clean burning fuel briquettes.

He sold all his personal belongings including his bed to build the first kiln and make the first briquetting machine and in April, 2010, Sanga launched Eco-fuel Africa and in November, 2010, Eco-fuel Africa brought its first product to market.