Our Impact

Launched in 2010 with only USD 500 in personal savings, EFA has already achieved the following milestones both directly and through micro-franchising:

  • 115,000 households served daily. These households are now able to save up to half of the money they previously spent on expensive and dirty charcoal from wood and with these cost savings, they are able to improve their household living conditions like cooking more consistent meals and sending their children to school;
  • 13,300 jobs created for people at the base of the pyramid particularly women and youths who would ordinarily not be able to find a job;
  • Over 57,500 marginalized girls enabled to enroll, stay and study while in school. Some of these girls could not previously attend school because they had to walk arduous distances to gather wood for their households. Now that their households can access affordable and clean cooking fuel, they can attend school consistently;
  • Over 50 million hours created for working and studying for beneficiary women and girls. Women now no longer have to spend a lot of time on cooking. This enables them to engage in other productive activities like digging;
  • 500,000 acres of forests saved in averted deforestation;
  • About 127,650 tons of CO2 mitigated every year;
  • Reduced indoor air pollution: Records from health centers and hospitals in places where we work show that fewer people are being diagnosed with respiratory diseases. Our users also tell us that they feel better since they started using our clean fuel and that their daughters and wives no longer have constant coughs and other respiratory complications as frequently as before the project.