Horse Dildo Toys

By ecofuelafrica / November 7, 2022

The Horse dildos are composed of graded silicone and pure glass that is certified medically.

These horse cock dildo toys of this industry are gigantic in size and shape. There are diverse in dimensions and measurements of the horse dildos for women of different taste, zeal, and enthusiasm for their sex. They also prefer them for anal sex. For the anal dildos, there are butts with plugs. Al the dildos are horse dildo and mixed dildo that women prefer most.

As the horse dildos are composed of silicone and glass, they are safe for your anal and vaginal health. There are some vibrators too for you. The vibrators are assigned and designed for vaginal purposes. We often notice that women of sophisticated character and aristocratic families prefer the horse dildo and larger shapes for mitigating their sexual flavor stealthily.

When you get stuck with a big horse dildo, you start yelling with the sex-drive. They sometimes use lubes with the dildos. As a result, they suck the cream of natural sex.

Bumpy Dildo Horse dildo:  The Bumpy Dildo looks big and robust. But it is soft, flexible, and comfortable for your vaginal use. The dildo is made of graded silicone that is medically allowed. The thickness of the dildo is like a hammer that is used to insert the butt of the cow by the cowboy who grazes them. As such it will eat up your cervical canal with its thickness.

When you insert the dildo, you feel incredible pleasure. The dildo is assigned for pleasure. The top head of the dildo will touch your ovum and create a sensation in this region. There are diverse colors, sizes, and dimensions of the dildo. Women of higher classes are fond of the dildo. They enjoy fucking with such a large stick. But you might need some lubes to precisely insert and get out the vaginal secretion. Everything needs care. We suggest cleaning the dildo for the next use.

Horse dildo Vaginal Dildo: The Horse dildo Vaginal Dildos are polished for your vaginal sex. The craftsmen artistically designed them for your masturbation. Horse dildo is their unique color that you like in plenty. These dildos are formulated from graded silicone with high-quality preparation. These dildos are smooth, soft, flexible, and comfortable for your vaginal sex. There are different sizes, shapes, and measurements for all women including the beginners. As soon as you insert the dildos, you feel like out of you.

Some exciting lubes can give you extra plausible pleasures. The more you blow the dildos, the more you pick up yourself. You are overwhelmed with profound joy.  The push touches your egg and the walls of the uterus give extra sensation to more sex continuation. The secretion releases the sex hormone and it slides down your tube. But with the pushing of the dildo, it gets dry at one stage. That is why you might need some lubes to continue your sexual appeal. Clean the dildo for the next use.

Horse Dildo Pro: Mr. Dildo, king of the dildos of this industry is composed of silicone. It is gigantic in size, but soft, flexible, and comfortable. It is a healthy instrument for adults. It creates much sex in you. When you see it, you fall in love with it. It is a lovely toy forever. When you insert the dildo, you will be lunatic by its fucking. Its thickness is like an African black man’s dick. So, it will cover the whole vaginal cavity. It is a fantastic instrument for your joy.

Tail the Spice


Several hollow butt plug toys are being introduced in the sex toy industry, in the current world.  Very many people have different taste and preference of how they want their sex, due to that, many other types of hollow butt plugs have to be invented to fit their wishes.  There is something for everyone, have a look at all these.

  You do not need to be a sex expert for you to know that you should be responsible when it comes to shopping on anal sex instruments. Here are the major types of vibrating butt plugs fir men:

  1. Animal Instincts

   Animal instincts are typically bought and preferred by people who like playing specific roles in the action.  Some of the animals inspired hollow butt plugs are dogs, cats, horses, and cow tails.  Here, it will require that your imagination run wild to catch up with some others that you think will fit in here

  • Glass For The Ass

  Some individuals cannot resist these butt plugs, as they are known to bring you most fabulous sex you have ever had. On the other hand, some people cannot use them for they think they could be very dangerous.

 They are actually made from safe material, but they are not a hundred per cent reliable, and therefore, you have to note that.

  • Metal Mania

  You have seen several butt plugs made from various types of metals, as they are ubiquitous.  They may not be as flexible as the glass butt plugs, but cannot avoid missing in this list.  When it comes to muscularity and durability, you have to vote this hollow butt plug. Although they are too cold, you can always heat them a little bit some minutes before the play.

  • Inflatable And Insatiable

  This is meant for the people looking forward to being surprised by a variety.  Once inserted in the butt, it inflates, and contracts at its own pace, which is usually controlled by a handheld bulb.  With this, you will feel like you are having two sizes of plugs, without actually having to store all of them

  • To Vibe And Not To Vibe

  Many juno anal plugs for men that have the vibrating function mean business. A lot of them may not be featuring a vibrating motor, by many of them do.  The strength of the vibes differs with the type of plug. You should be keen when purchasing, and ensure that you are buying from a well reputable manufacturer. Some manufacturers are customized, so you may prefer them as they will have a variety to select them.

 They too may be having the required knowledge about them, and therefore m may be able to advise you on which one to pick.

 The Bottom Line

 There are many other types of hollow butt plugs, which have not been listed. You can always do research, and ask for recommendations from the experienced players, for you to choose the perfect butt plug that you need.  If you are new to the game, be very specific on what you want. 

The Sleekest My Hero Academia Sweatshirts & Hoodies


 Fate has decided, and we have finally met!  My Hero Academia is inspired to create its merchandise by characters from its anime series. They use the energy of Izuku Midoriya to design anime-based hoodies, and sweatshirts that everybody loves! You can get this from Trendy Anime

1.    My Hero Academia: Katsuki Bakugo – BOOOM!!

This Pullover hoodie wards cold off, and comes in a beautiful design, with two sizes up. So, you don’t have to worry about fitting anymore. You deserve this perfectly fitting hoodie as its print doesn’t come off when you wash. Nothing beats the cold weather better than a 9oz hoodie made of eighty percent cotton and twenty per cent polyester.

Katsuki Bakugo has front pouch pockets for you to fit small items into. Additionally, this apparel is produced using material that is ethically sourced and meets garment –practice standard. So you don’t have to worry about its authenticity.

2.    My Hero Academia Hoodie, Midoriya

Your closet should not miss a unisex anime hoodie. Inspired by the famous Anime, this zippered Hooded Jacket with front pockets is ideally worn as a casual cosplay. The lightweight, dry-fit fabric makes it the excellent choice for any person who loves Boku no Hero Academia.

3.    Sugoi Himiko Hoodie

Crafted with you in mind, this kangaroo pocket, polyester-cotton hoodie is made in a fair-wage, certified factory. Pyropete designs Boku No Hero Academia Hoodie to create the perfect weight, and thickness; good enough to give you extra warmth.

With years of crafting and perfecting the art, No Hero Academia created a perfectly cut hoodie for you. This hoodie is made of cotton, and pre-shrunk to minimize shrinkage after washing.

4.    Boku No Hero Academia Graphic Hoodie Pullover Unisex Anime

Keep it 21st century, and comfy by relaxing on your favorite spot, watching the latest hit at the movies,  going out with your friends on a casual weekend or just relaxing on the couch. This hoodie-pullover is 85 % cotton and 15 % polyester, so be sure to experience the comfort of a trendy, and breathable apparel.

 Your eye-catching, color-mix hoodie is decorated with carefully selected colors. Though the print is delicate, the hood is washable by machine or hand.  Fitted with spandex, this hoodie is great for theme parties and casual outings. Further, it is the best gift for anime lovers.

5.    My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya Hoodies Sweatshirt Costume Training Jacket Unisex

This Boku No Hero Academia Hoodie costume by NoveltyBoy is made of quality materials, crafted under strict requirements to generate a product you’ll love. If you want to be sure that your product is made of 100% new material, then go  for this hoodie-sweatshirt.

Whether you want a baseball jacket or a zip-up hoodie, that is stylish; then these should be number 1 in your list. All these costumes can be worn daily, cosplay or theme party, the choice is yours!


Anime hoodies and sweatshirt are fun to wear, keep you comfortable and warm anytime. Before the cold season settles in, grab your Boku No Hero Academia hoodie. And thank us later!

Cushions to Make You Smile

When you want to feel cared for, there is little that can compare to the comfort of a cushion. And, if it serves as a reminder of your favorite BTS member, what more could you ask for? Kpop Choices have recognized this fact and brought to you the BTS BT21 cushions, Decorative Throw Pillow Cushions from Kpop Choices

The Product

The cushions are a part of the BT21 line of merchandise. BT21 is a set of eight characters created by a collaboration of Bt21 with The band members were fully involved in the creation of these characters. Dubbed as “Smile” cushions, these are soft and plush cushions with the characters in a signature smile expression.

There is one pillow for each character – RJ, Koya, Cooky, Tata, Shooky and Chimmy. The product comes in two sizes: 11.8 inches and 16.5 inches. They are made of 100% polyester and are a Kpop Choices INC exclusive. The 11.8-inch variant costs $30, and the 16.5-inch option retails at $43 on Amazon.

According to the manufacturer, a lot of thought has gone into the design of these premium cushions. They are soft, quality products. You can use them in the office or at home to sleep on. They, also, work well as decor. They are built for durability and should make for ideal gifts. The official product comes with tags and a white BT21 dustbag with a drawstring. The product should be washed separately in the machine on a gentle cycle.

Our Thoughts

The product arrives in a cardboard box which houses the dustbag. The white BT21 dustbag has the character’s face and signature on it. Inside the dustbag, there is a sealed plastic bag which holds the cushion. The cushions are cute and fluffy and exactly as pictured. They are firm yet silky and made from good quality material. The product has BT21 and character name tags on it.

Many customers were delighted to find that the size of the 16.5-inch cushions had exceeded their expectations. The smaller variant is portable and easy to hold and carry, especially with the dustbag. The 16.5-inch pillow is like a couch cushion and very comfortable to rest on anywhere and perfect for supporting your back when reading a book or watching a TV show.

The biggest complaint with this product is the number of sellers who are selling knockoffs instead of genuine goods. Signs of fake products are no dust bags, no official tags, and items not matching the description. For the authentic product, buy from the sellers BTS merch and Kpop Choices GLOBAL. Even if the seller has run out of the product, it is recommended to wait for them to restock and buy from them. They provide original products at retail price.

Some customers found this product expensive, but most thought the quality made up for the price. Some buyers mentioned that the texture of the Shooky cushion is rough, initially, but gets softer after washing. One said that the stitching on the ear of the Chimmy cushion they had ordered was not up to par. Another said that the product was fragile and grabbing it created a hole.


Plush? Check. Comfort? Check. What more could you want in a pillow? There is no doubt about the quality of the product. The only question is whether you’re willing to shell out the cost. locked0 L

5 Iconic K-Pop Dance Styles You Need to Know As a Fan

The catchy hooks, flashy costumes as well as the dangerous entertainers all form the basis of a magic formula making k-pop to be addictive. However, another crucial component that has been ignored but makes the scene of k-poop worthwhile and distinctive from the rest of global music is the excellent dance styles that almost everyone knows. Such dances have made the music to leap off from average to legendary. As such, you need to wear your dance bts sweatshirt and try these five iconic k-pop dances.

  1. The 1996’s Black Cat Nero by Turbo

Turbo is part of the very first idol bands that has been credited for shaping the Korean entertainment sector into what everyone sees today. The black cat Nero is one of the Turbo’s famous songs which is very loved by many. Various idols have performed the song since its conception.

  1. The 2000’s Coming of Age Ceremony

The coming of age ceremony by Park Ji Yoon was a bit controversial during its first release because of the forward lyrics and the beautiful lyrics. However, the artist and his dance style overcame the boundaries for the k-pop ladies. He, therefore, paved the way to a more mature and sexier performance. It is, for this reason, which coming of age is in use to date, especially among female bands to show off their sexy charms.

  1. The 2007’s Tell Me by Wonder Girls

The wonder girl number one hit, tell me is a classic k-pop song. It has lots of dance styles for selection making fans and the musicians alike to get up often and dance anything that the song comes on. Tell me has a cute and coy cover called the AOA which shows how the dance is timeless.

  1. The 2009’s Gee By Girls’ Generation

In the k-pop scene, gee guidance made a significant splash and helped in launching the girls’ generation to what their status is today as the k-pop queens. The song was in the first place for more than eight weeks in the Koran k-pop charts. It was the gateway allowing most of the k-pop fans through the infamous grab leg dance.

  1. The 2011’s Before The Dawn By Infinite

This was a groundbreaking dance move that launched the knife-like dance trend that is still seen ion the k-pop to date. The famous scorpion dance by the infinite at the song’s climax makes this song an essential and memorable dance. The dance stands on its own in today’s competitive world of k-pop. However, this difficult was challenged and killed by the WJSN not long after its launch.


The joy that is brought by the k-pop music and dances should not be overlooked. The discovery of these dances will just make your day amazing. Including the dance styles into what you already love will even make it more interesting. With the hits such as the Gangman, the super junior band beautiful songs as well s the GOT7; you can always enjoy yourself with the Korean pop songs and dances.

How to Have Fun and Care for Baby Doll

By ecofuelafrica / February 28, 2019

Introducing baby doll into your life can add much fun never known before. That’s especially true if you have never brought up a real child. In fact, caring for a doll is enjoyable and entertaining too!

Do you wish to know how to spice up your everyday care for the doll and make it lovely?

Give the doll a lovely name

Babies must have names, sweet names for that matter. This I the time to think of that lovely name you have always wanted for your child.

But if you don’t have ideas on what name to choose there are very many options to choose from. For example, you can choose a sweet sounding flower name like Rose.  In addition, for a unique name just take your time and compose a name. And did you know you can get ideas about baby names from websites too?

Clothe the doll into a lovely figure

Choosing the right clothing for the doll will change her outlook completely. Once more there are many options to consider.  To begin with, you can visit online stores like Amazon or eBay for pretty clothes.

But if you need the budget-friendly clothing, visit the local store. Buy the outfits meant for real babies. After such shopping why not supplement your doll’s wardrobe by making her some yourself?

Few days after getting the baby to share a bed with her

Just like you need to bond with your real baby, reborn babies such as those from Juno Reborns are no exception too. During the first week share your cozy bed with your lovely doll. Cuddle up together. Thereafter go ahead and make a warm bed for her too.

You can use pieces of blankets and fabrics also. Make it as warm as possible. Then position it close to your own.

Give him a warm wake up kiss in the morning

Babies are always dear to their parents. When you wake up, lift up the blanket covering gently then hold her up. Kiss her good morning, cheer her up. Let her feel loved. Your wakeup tone shouldn’t be that harsh or scornful.

Try feeding her

Breakfast is an important meal of the day. Don’t skip it. Try feeding your baby. How about if try out some juice, milk or mushy food for breakfast?

Next, rock her in your arms

Having fed your baby, rock her gently in your arms. After rocking and comforting her for a while, help the doll bring up the wind; burping up.  Just the way you would do to a real baby.

Give her new outfits

Change the baby’s diaper and clean out any mess left behind. After that remove the old clothing and give her new lovely outfit.

Go out and have fun

When the weather is favorable gout in the park and has fun with your baby. It could be an afternoon stroll or a push in the swing. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Wash her

Once you are back from the walk, she will be exhausted and dirty. So wash her, fed her and rock her to sleep.

To clean the doll, just wipe her using a damp cloth plus some washing powder. Make sure she is completely dry before dressing her. Believe me; she won’t resist the urge to sleep!

Sing her a lullaby

To help her drift to sleep faster, why not sing a sweet lullaby to your lovely one.

Establish her feeding timetable

Now that you have a baby you have set up the feeding timetable for her and follow it. If possible feed her at the frequency of every couple of hours.


Caring for the doll can be fun if you own the task from your heart. Assume she is a real baby and treats her with tender care she deserves.


By ecofuelafrica / February 13, 2018


Cooking a mouth watering meal that is low-fat and healthy is not the work of an accomplished chef you too can do it at home.

Always remember that a healthy meal can only be achieved if the ingredient and method of preparation is correct. Always use unsaturated fats!


Steaming is the process of cooking food in an enclosed environment using steam, usually by use of a food steamer. This method works by boiling water till it turns into steam. The steam indirectly cooks the food.

Cooking tips:                                                                             

  • Ensure the steamer has water. This will ensure adequate steam is easily generated to cook the food.
  • Turn on the steamer.
  • Prepare your ingredients and place in steamer.
  • Let the food cook for 3-7 minutes depending on preference.
  • Once ready, serve.


This is technique involves food being cooked in a copper chef set or gotham steel pan. The ingredients are fried in a small amount of very hot oil while being stirred. This prevents the food from sticking in the pan. The ingredients should be cut into very small many pieces so as the food is cooked thoroughly.

Cooking tips:

  • Pour unrefined oil in your wok and let it heat
  • Once the oil is hot add hard chopped vegetables like carrots. Stir as you make room for more.
  • Add softer vegetables like Zucchini
  • Cook for 3-4 minutes and when ready serve.


This is probably the simplest cooking technique for a healthy meal. Here, food is exposed to an electric stove where food is cooked by use of heat from above

Cooking tips:

  • Turn on the broiler and preheat the oven for at least five minutes. Ensure a cast iron pan is inside to heat.
  • Prepare your vegetables/ ingredients and place on the cast iron pan
  • Place the pan in the center of the oven for uniform heating
  • To ensure aeration leave the oven door slightly cracked
  • Ensure to monitor food closely and serve when ready


This is the process of cooking food by exposing it to electromagnetic radiation.

Cooking tips:

  • Since different foods have their own cooking time separate them accordingly
  • To speed up the cooking time, cut the ingredients into smaller pieces
  • Arrange the food neatly on the microwave safe plate
  • Remember to cover the food before cooking it
  • Turn on the microwave and place the plate inside.
  • Once food is ready, leave it for five minutes for the cooking process to end
  • Serve and enjoy your healthy meal


The advantage of this is that food cooked is rich in vitamins and minerals. The steam from the cooker intensifies the natural flavor of the food being cooked reducing the need to add fat for taste richness.

Use of a pressure cooker can be challenging but the tips will help you navigate this challenge.

Cooking tips:

  • Turn on your cooker and refill water if necessary
  • Prepare your ingredients and place in the cooker
  • Ensure the lid is closed and wait for the pressure to build up
  • In case the pressure exceeds the recommended level lower the heat to desired level
  • Once food is ready carefully open the lid and serve

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