5 Iconic K-Pop Dance Styles You Need to Know As a Fan

The catchy hooks, flashy costumes as well as the dangerous entertainers all form the basis of a magic formula making k-pop to be addictive. However, another crucial component that has been ignored but makes the scene of k-poop worthwhile and distinctive from the rest of global music is the excellent dance styles that almost everyone knows. Such dances have made the music to leap off from average to legendary. As such, you need to wear your dance bts sweatshirt and try these five iconic k-pop dances.

  1. The 1996’s Black Cat Nero by Turbo

Turbo is part of the very first idol bands that has been credited for shaping the Korean entertainment sector into what everyone sees today. The black cat Nero is one of the Turbo’s famous songs which is very loved by many. Various idols have performed the song since its conception.

  1. The 2000’s Coming of Age Ceremony

The coming of age ceremony by Park Ji Yoon was a bit controversial during its first release because of the forward lyrics and the beautiful lyrics. However, the artist and his dance style overcame the boundaries for the k-pop ladies. He, therefore, paved the way to a more mature and sexier performance. It is, for this reason, which coming of age is in use to date, especially among female bands to show off their sexy charms.

  1. The 2007’s Tell Me by Wonder Girls

The wonder girl number one hit, tell me is a classic k-pop song. It has lots of dance styles for selection making fans and the musicians alike to get up often and dance anything that the song comes on. Tell me has a cute and coy cover called the AOA which shows how the dance is timeless.

  1. The 2009’s Gee By Girls’ Generation

In the k-pop scene, gee guidance made a significant splash and helped in launching the girls’ generation to what their status is today as the k-pop queens. The song was in the first place for more than eight weeks in the Koran k-pop charts. It was the gateway allowing most of the k-pop fans through the infamous grab leg dance.

  1. The 2011’s Before The Dawn By Infinite

This was a groundbreaking dance move that launched the knife-like dance trend that is still seen ion the k-pop to date. The famous scorpion dance by the infinite at the song’s climax makes this song an essential and memorable dance. The dance stands on its own in today’s competitive world of k-pop. However, this difficult was challenged and killed by the WJSN not long after its launch.


The joy that is brought by the k-pop music and dances should not be overlooked. The discovery of these dances will just make your day amazing. Including the dance styles into what you already love will even make it more interesting. With the hits such as the Gangman, the super junior band beautiful songs as well s the GOT7; you can always enjoy yourself with the Korean pop songs and dances.

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