Cushions to Make You Smile

When you want to feel cared for, there is little that can compare to the comfort of a cushion. And, if it serves as a reminder of your favorite BTS member, what more could you ask for? Kpop Choices have recognized this fact and brought to you the BTS BT21 cushions, Decorative Throw Pillow Cushions from Kpop Choices

The Product

The cushions are a part of the BT21 line of merchandise. BT21 is a set of eight characters created by a collaboration of Bt21 with The band members were fully involved in the creation of these characters. Dubbed as “Smile” cushions, these are soft and plush cushions with the characters in a signature smile expression.

There is one pillow for each character – RJ, Koya, Cooky, Tata, Shooky and Chimmy. The product comes in two sizes: 11.8 inches and 16.5 inches. They are made of 100% polyester and are a Kpop Choices INC exclusive. The 11.8-inch variant costs $30, and the 16.5-inch option retails at $43 on Amazon.

According to the manufacturer, a lot of thought has gone into the design of these premium cushions. They are soft, quality products. You can use them in the office or at home to sleep on. They, also, work well as decor. They are built for durability and should make for ideal gifts. The official product comes with tags and a white BT21 dustbag with a drawstring. The product should be washed separately in the machine on a gentle cycle.

Our Thoughts

The product arrives in a cardboard box which houses the dustbag. The white BT21 dustbag has the character’s face and signature on it. Inside the dustbag, there is a sealed plastic bag which holds the cushion. The cushions are cute and fluffy and exactly as pictured. They are firm yet silky and made from good quality material. The product has BT21 and character name tags on it.

Many customers were delighted to find that the size of the 16.5-inch cushions had exceeded their expectations. The smaller variant is portable and easy to hold and carry, especially with the dustbag. The 16.5-inch pillow is like a couch cushion and very comfortable to rest on anywhere and perfect for supporting your back when reading a book or watching a TV show.

The biggest complaint with this product is the number of sellers who are selling knockoffs instead of genuine goods. Signs of fake products are no dust bags, no official tags, and items not matching the description. For the authentic product, buy from the sellers BTS merch and Kpop Choices GLOBAL. Even if the seller has run out of the product, it is recommended to wait for them to restock and buy from them. They provide original products at retail price.

Some customers found this product expensive, but most thought the quality made up for the price. Some buyers mentioned that the texture of the Shooky cushion is rough, initially, but gets softer after washing. One said that the stitching on the ear of the Chimmy cushion they had ordered was not up to par. Another said that the product was fragile and grabbing it created a hole.


Plush? Check. Comfort? Check. What more could you want in a pillow? There is no doubt about the quality of the product. The only question is whether you’re willing to shell out the cost. locked0 L

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