How to Have Fun and Care for Baby Doll

By ecofuelafrica / February 28, 2019

Introducing baby doll into your life can add much fun never known before. That’s especially true if you have never brought up a real child. In fact, caring for a doll is enjoyable and entertaining too!

Do you wish to know how to spice up your everyday care for the doll and make it lovely?

Give the doll a lovely name

Babies must have names, sweet names for that matter. This I the time to think of that lovely name you have always wanted for your child.

But if you don’t have ideas on what name to choose there are very many options to choose from. For example, you can choose a sweet sounding flower name like Rose.  In addition, for a unique name just take your time and compose a name. And did you know you can get ideas about baby names from websites too?

Clothe the doll into a lovely figure

Choosing the right clothing for the doll will change her outlook completely. Once more there are many options to consider.  To begin with, you can visit online stores like Amazon or eBay for pretty clothes.

But if you need the budget-friendly clothing, visit the local store. Buy the outfits meant for real babies. After such shopping why not supplement your doll’s wardrobe by making her some yourself?

Few days after getting the baby to share a bed with her

Just like you need to bond with your real baby, reborn babies such as those from Juno Reborns are no exception too. During the first week share your cozy bed with your lovely doll. Cuddle up together. Thereafter go ahead and make a warm bed for her too.

You can use pieces of blankets and fabrics also. Make it as warm as possible. Then position it close to your own.

Give him a warm wake up kiss in the morning

Babies are always dear to their parents. When you wake up, lift up the blanket covering gently then hold her up. Kiss her good morning, cheer her up. Let her feel loved. Your wakeup tone shouldn’t be that harsh or scornful.

Try feeding her

Breakfast is an important meal of the day. Don’t skip it. Try feeding your baby. How about if try out some juice, milk or mushy food for breakfast?

Next, rock her in your arms

Having fed your baby, rock her gently in your arms. After rocking and comforting her for a while, help the doll bring up the wind; burping up.  Just the way you would do to a real baby.

Give her new outfits

Change the baby’s diaper and clean out any mess left behind. After that remove the old clothing and give her new lovely outfit.

Go out and have fun

When the weather is favorable gout in the park and has fun with your baby. It could be an afternoon stroll or a push in the swing. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Wash her

Once you are back from the walk, she will be exhausted and dirty. So wash her, fed her and rock her to sleep.

To clean the doll, just wipe her using a damp cloth plus some washing powder. Make sure she is completely dry before dressing her. Believe me; she won’t resist the urge to sleep!

Sing her a lullaby

To help her drift to sleep faster, why not sing a sweet lullaby to your lovely one.

Establish her feeding timetable

Now that you have a baby you have set up the feeding timetable for her and follow it. If possible feed her at the frequency of every couple of hours.


Caring for the doll can be fun if you own the task from your heart. Assume she is a real baby and treats her with tender care she deserves.

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