Are you a Greenist?  Have a post you’d like to share?  E-mail post submission queries to courtney at the ecofuelafrica dot co ug. We will only publish posts that fit the tone and mission of The Greenists.

We’ll be more likely to publish your post if you meet the following criteria:

1. Keep posts between 300 and 700 words.

2. It’s a good idea to e-mail Courtney with a post IDEA before writing and submitting a full post. Courtney can tell you if a topic is inappropriate so you don’t waste your time writing something that isn’t going to be published on The Greenists.

3. You may write about any topic as long as it’s related to the environment, but do a quick search through our archives before submitting an idea. Has it been covered several times before? If so, move on to a different idea. For example, we’ve covered reusable shopping bags and bottled water on many different occasions, so please don’t submit guest posts on either of those topics. That said, if you have a unique perspective on any issue, even one that’s been covered before, we’ll be happy to consider it.

4. While there is a lot of “gloom and doom” written about the environment, we stay away from that kind of tone on The Greenists. We’re all about positive action and educating people about smart choices they can make in their day-to-day lives.

5. We do publish product reviews (see our review policy for more information) but will not accept anything generated by a company specifically to promote its own products. In other words, you can’t write a post advertising your own business.

6. Please proofread your post carefully. We will do our own editing for style and grammar, but it’s very helpful if you turn in a clean document.

7. You may e-mail your post formatted as a Word doc, a Text Edit doc, or a Google Doc. Any of these formats is fine.

Looking forward to your submissions!