Tail the Spice


Several hollow butt plug toys are being introduced in the sex toy industry, in the current world.  Very many people have different taste and preference of how they want their sex, due to that, many other types of hollow butt plugs have to be invented to fit their wishes.  There is something for everyone, have a look at all these.

  You do not need to be a sex expert for you to know that you should be responsible when it comes to shopping on anal sex instruments. Here are the major types of vibrating butt plugs fir men:

  1. Animal Instincts

   Animal instincts are typically bought and preferred by people who like playing specific roles in the action.  Some of the animals inspired hollow butt plugs are dogs, cats, horses, and cow tails.  Here, it will require that your imagination run wild to catch up with some others that you think will fit in here

  • Glass For The Ass

  Some individuals cannot resist these butt plugs, as they are known to bring you most fabulous sex you have ever had. On the other hand, some people cannot use them for they think they could be very dangerous.

 They are actually made from safe material, but they are not a hundred per cent reliable, and therefore, you have to note that.

  • Metal Mania

  You have seen several butt plugs made from various types of metals, as they are ubiquitous.  They may not be as flexible as the glass butt plugs, but cannot avoid missing in this list.  When it comes to muscularity and durability, you have to vote this hollow butt plug. Although they are too cold, you can always heat them a little bit some minutes before the play.

  • Inflatable And Insatiable

  This is meant for the people looking forward to being surprised by a variety.  Once inserted in the butt, it inflates, and contracts at its own pace, which is usually controlled by a handheld bulb.  With this, you will feel like you are having two sizes of plugs, without actually having to store all of them

  • To Vibe And Not To Vibe

  Many juno anal plugs for men that have the vibrating function mean business. A lot of them may not be featuring a vibrating motor, by many of them do.  The strength of the vibes differs with the type of plug. You should be keen when purchasing, and ensure that you are buying from a well reputable manufacturer. Some manufacturers are customized, so you may prefer them as they will have a variety to select them.

 They too may be having the required knowledge about them, and therefore m may be able to advise you on which one to pick.

 The Bottom Line

 There are many other types of hollow butt plugs, which have not been listed. You can always do research, and ask for recommendations from the experienced players, for you to choose the perfect butt plug that you need.  If you are new to the game, be very specific on what you want. 

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